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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Six Monthaversary!

     I can't believe that Telyn's first adventure has been out for six months, and that in that time, I've finished a second novel and started on our intrepid bard's next adventure.

     Life is starting to get back to normal (Mama B should be going home from the hospital in the next day or two). Looking forward to our schedules evening out again so I know when I can focus on writing.

     In the last week or so, though, it has become apparent that I may not be able to convey Telyn's whole story in just one more book, so...I now have outlines for two, lol! The one I am currently working on is now called TRUTHSONG. Those of you who've read the first book might remember that this is Telyn's most controversial gift, and how conflicted she is about using it. It also fits in to the general theme that keeps popping up in the book - being truthful with yourself, and those you love, even when it hurts. The third book will definitely be LORD OF THE WOOD, for many reasons.

     I'm working on getting a book tour set up for the six month mark of SONG MAGICK, and have approached a local branch of Barnes and Noble about doing an author signing event in the near future. Getting excited about it!

     In the meantime, I am digesting all the wonderful beta feedback I have received from my critique partners on NECTAR AND AMBROSIA. It's going to have some serious revision to voice and possibly the first chapter before I send out any queries. Learning hard lessons about sending something out before it's ready...*sigh*. The sound of crickets is deafening.

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  1. Ha! I feel your pain with revisions. My best beta reader tore up my prologue AND my ending! Good luck with the book tour! Great post.