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Monday, September 23, 2013

Coming up for air!

     Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted. Getting settled in my new job as a hospice nurse took a lot more time and energy than I had originally thought! Now that I'm officially past my 90 days, and I still love my job and feel like I know more or less what I'm doing, I've had time to write again on the weekends...
      I did decide to go ahead and publish with the small press, in no small part due to the acquisitions editor, Denise, who was honest and patient and answered every question I had, and waited while I researched the terms of my contract. After going over it with a magnifying glass, pick axe and night goggles, I signed it. Then I got to do fun stuff, like give them my hopes and dreams for my cover art. (Insert squee here!)

     Now comes the waiting part...I'm still six months out from publication, and my book is now in the hands of the first editor. I've been told it goes through three editors. It'll be a little while before I receive my first revision notes, but I'm getting excited! I started making a Pinterest page for my book for self-marketing at the suggestion of another author who is also published by this press.

     Meanwhile, I've been churning out the first draft of my next work, "Nectar and Ambrosia". Nine chapters in with a planned fifteen or sixteen, I'm hoping I can complete the first draft before I get revision notes. It takes place in an entirely different mind set, both writing style and genre, so it will be tough to bounce back and forth.