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Monday, September 19, 2016

Time for the hard work: Query and synopsis!

**Apologies. I've been trying to fix the formatting on this post but to no avail!**

Finished revisions to DALÍ on Friday last week! It's off for a read with fresh eyes. Now comes the really hard work. 

Queries. Synopsis.
We hates it, precious!

I talked to my CP this afternoon, and he agreed it is evil, but necessary. His own novel is in submissions with publishing houses at this moment, and he still said that querying was the real work. Yeah, let's take your entire novel and squash it down into three paragraph blurb that catches an agent's imagination and attention. THEN, let's squish it into bare-bones for a full synopsis! *weeps*

Improving my writing and my queries seem to be separate skill sets. It's definitely an art form. I've lurked QueryShark, and viewed a dozen how-to blogs, and it still eludes me. I've decided to call in the big guns this time. I really want to do every part of this process justice! I'm anxious to start querying, but I'm taking a deep breath. I've queried too early in the process in the past, and I don't want to make the mistake again. 

So in between drafts of the query, and waiting for the judgement of my trusted partners in crime, I'm looking at Publisher's Marketplace and making my list ...checking it twice...researching deals to see if they're "nice" (points if you get that reference)!

 I can do this. It's gonna be epic, right?