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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Look at all these lovely books...

Enter the Rafflecopter pinned to the top of the page to win your choice of Kick Ass Girls of Fire and Ice YA Books shown above!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kick Ass Girls of Fire and Ice YA Books - and an early peek at Songmaker 3!

Didja notice the rafflecopter above? All through the month of April, a bunch of my fellow YA writers at Fire and Ice (and yours truly!) are participating in an ongoing event.

There will be Instafreebie short stories released featuring our kick-ass heroines, and for my contribution, I'm releasing the first chapter of the third Songmaker book, which won't be published until 2018-2019!

So follow along during the month of April on Twitter, Facebook and get in on our blog hop if you'd like to write a post about YA books--the Linky List is embedded in my header.

Who can possibly pass up  a chance to win some AMAZING novels featuring the Kick Ass Girls of Fire and Ice YA? Enter the rafflecopter on April 1st!