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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book Release "Unforeseen Obsessions" by Valerie Clarizio!

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Title: Unforeseen Obsessions     Author: Valerie J. Clarizio
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press     Release Date: May 15, 2014
After Alex Polecheck’s police officer husband, Sam, is stabbed in cold blood, she vows to see the murderer brought to justice.  Peter, Sam’s best friend, and fellow police officer, seems to be the only member of the Police Department interested in catching the killer.
Peter sets out on a perilous hunt for the killer, while trying to protect Alex, who appears to be next on the murderer’s list.
The mystery begins to unravel when Peter finds a connection between the murder of Sam and two other law enforcement officers, who were all part of an internet crime taskforce. Peter and Alex find themselves alone in the battle for justice and truth when they discover members of the local police department cannot be trusted.  Will Peter piece together the puzzle before Alex is silenced?  While battling to protect Alex, will he be able to continue to conceal his love for her?

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Chapter 1

Excerpt 4
Peter glanced toward the EMTs. Alex looked in that same direction to find that they’d loaded Sam onto a gurney and covered him up. She could no longer see his precious face. She watched through cloudy eyes as the EMTs wheeled the gurney through the yard and around the corner of the house. A crater the size of the Grand Canyon filled her chest. Her knees grew weak. Peter grabbed her and held her up. She was sure she would have fallen if he hadn’t.
Alex glanced around her backyard to find several of Sam’s fellow police officers milling around her property. One of the officers was taking photographs, one was writing something on a piece of paper attached to a metal clipboard, and two were inspecting the patio and sliding glass doors leading to their bedroom. They’d begun dusting the door for prints.
She could hear the officers whispering but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Whenever she caught a glimpse of their gaze, their eyes read disbelief.
Alex stared into space. “This can’t be happening. Tell me this isn’t happening. This is small town Wisconsin. We read about this sort of thing, not live it,” she murmured.
Peter squeezed her hand.

About the Author

Valerie is a writer of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction novels.  She lives in beautiful Door County Wisconsin with her husband and one very spoiled cat.  She loves to read, write, and spend time at her cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  She’s lived her life surrounded by men, three brothers, a husband, and a male Siamese cat who required his own instruction manual.  Keeping up with all the men in her life has turned her into a successful hunter and fisherwoman.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. Additionally, she was a finalist in the 2011 Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, Novellas Need Love, Too! Contest.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Book by Nancy Pirri - Release and giveaway!!

I first met Nancy at the RT Convention a year ago when I pitched my book during a pitchapalooza- speed dating for authors and publishers and agents, LOL. She and Denise immediately put me at ease when they told me they were both writers as well as publishers...and here's the proof. Congratulations, Nancy, on your latest release! You've been an extremely patient mentor and publisher, and obviously, no slouch as a writer!

Release and Giveaway:
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2-Ebook Copies of Bait Shop Blues
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Bait Shop Blues by Nancy Pirri
Finding love shouldn’t be so hard…
What does a successful businesswoman born and bred in Chicago want with half-ownership of a quaint bait shop in northern Minnesota, willed to her by her grandfather? And how will the reclusive half-owner of the shop convince the woman to sell out her half to him? For Cassandra Thompson, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike who’s recently been dumped by her second fiancĂ© in two years, it could mean a well-needed change in life. For Leif Halverson, a handsome man of Ojibwa extraction, and co-owner of the shop, it could mean disaster—like falling in love. Leif is far from happy about this city woman invading his territory so he challenges her to a wilderness survival contest where the winner takes all.
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“You know, I was surprised to hear Roy had a granddaughter. He’d told me often during the past fifteen years he had no family.” He raised his brow. “Makes me wonder why you suddenly appeared out of nowhere.”
Cassandra frowned. “The private investigator he’d hired had learned about the car accident that had taken my parents’ lives. After that he managed to track me down. Didn’t Grandpa tell you he’d been searching for us?”
“Yeah, he did.” He gave a short irritable laugh. “About two days before he died.”
“Oh! I’m sorry. You must have been surprised,” she murmured. She tried to imagine how she’d feel if someone had butted into her business, Pretty Woman Cosmetics. She’d be furious.
“Not just surprised, but stunned. Roy then told me he’d had a falling out with his only son years ago.”
“Unfortunately, that’s true. I was three years old at the time.”
“Roy was real torn up when he heard about your father’s death.”
She sighed. “I imagine he was, seeing as my grandfather and father hadn’t spoken to each other in years. He said it was the saddest day of his life, and he’d forever regret they hadn’t mended their fences. I wish I’d had the opportunity to see Grandfather before he passed away. I was so young when my parents took me away from here that I’ve no memories of him.”
As she peered out the window, the beauty of the vivid green treetops caught her interest, but then she shuddered at the grayish-colored water. After awhile she sank back in her seat and grimaced, identifying the pungent odors in the plane. Leather, gasoline and the distinct odor of fish blended together, yet each scent was distinct.
She was uncomfortably conscious of his maleness. Virile and confident, but without being macho and overbearing would aptly describe him—the little she knew of him. Yet, her awareness of him as a very attractive man was starting to bother her. He was just another handsome man. She’d dated plenty of good-looking guys and had learned her lesson well. She bit her lip thoughtfully, gauging her attraction to him and decided, in the end, she must be experiencing some sort of chemical imbalance.

About the Author
Nancy Schumacher is the owner-publisher of Melange Books, LLC, writing under the pseudonyms, Nancy Pirri and Natasha Perry. Nancy started writing eighteen years ago while raising four children. She is a member of Romance Writers of America. She is also one of the founders of the Minnesota RWA chapter, Northern Lights Writers (NLW).
Nancy’s debut historical romance, THE MACAULAY BRIDE, set in late 19th century Scotland, was published in 2003. The debut book received several contest wins and received a TOP PICK award from Romantic Times Book Club publication in Oct. 2004. BAIT SHOP BLUES is her second full-length novel. She has written five full-length novels, and many stories included in anthologies with Melange Books, LLC.
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Get in Touch With Nancy:
Congrats, Nancy, on your new release!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Writing Process - Blog Hop!

Joyce Hertzoff passed the baton to me for this blog hop. Here's her post from last week.

And these are my answers to the four questions:

A. What are you working on?

I am working on my second full-length novel, Nectar and Ambrosia. It’s more of an adult urban fantasy than my first YA novel, Song Magick, published last month. It’s something I hope will appeal to adult readers who love Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, like I do.

B. How does your work differ from others in this genre?
I’m not afraid to write a little “above” my target audience in terms of vocabulary. If they learn a new word, great! I was told that I needed to use easier words by a publisher that turned me down. If we write down to young adults, I think we’re making a huge mistake.

C. Why do you write what you do?

 I am a lifelong reader, and found my niche as a child in fantasy with Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles, Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea books, and many others. As a teen, I learned to love Marion Zimmer Bradley’s fantasy-flavored science fiction. I wanted to live in those worlds. By writing, I was able to create my own worlds to walk, to interact with the inhabitants, and see how they live.

D. How does your writing process work?

Fragmentally! LOL. Song Magick was a serialized romantic adventure that I wrote in bite sized chunks for the amusement of myself and some friends, and then heavily revised over time. Nectar and Ambrosia came from a dream I had, where I met one of the main characters. I found him fascinating and had to write a little to find out who he was. I have lots of scene fragments of other ideas that I want to go back and expand for future books.

And now I pass the baton to: